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We all have the right to have good health.

As a doctor, the moment a patient laughs is the happiest. Now, when there are many patients who are unhappy, I often fall into contemplation on “What is true happiness?” Some people hope for happiness that seems to be just out of sight. They believe that great happiness will someday come, but happiness does not come easily. True happiness is the joy we feel through the small things in our daily lives. Therefore, we must be able to appreciate the small things in life and enjoy the little things.

What should we do to live happily for a long time? It seems like a difficult question, but the thing we can to now is to train our bodies through healthy eating habits and proper exercise in conjunction with keeping mental muscles healthy in order to maintain a healthy mentality. Management is also necessary for life. Thinking of yourself as a happy person, looking at the world with positivity and joy, knowing how to be satisfied with life, being able to have empathy and rejoice and mourn with others…are these not the core of life management to live a life full of feeling?


The place "happy health" starts

Our dream is to become happy now with all of you who are with us in our daily lives with the ever joyful and happy Ohanjin Lab.


Ohanjin Lab Chairman of the Board
Oh Han Jin M.D


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SBS모닝와이드 「닥터오의 시크릿」

채널A 「나는 몸신이다」

JTBC 「알짜왕」

TV조선 「변정수의 기적의 밥상」

MBN TV 「건강비법 100세로」

KBS 「아침마당」

KBS 「가족의 품격 풀하우스」

KBS 「비타민」

KBS 「생로병사의 비밀」

MBC 「생생정보통」

MBC 「찾아라! 맛있는 TV」

KBS라디오 「라디오 주치의 오한진입니다」

KBS라디오 「오한진, 이정민의 황금사과」


『중년 건강 백과』

『내 몸을 살리는 호르몬』

『마흔의 다이어트는 달라야 한다』

『국민주치의 오한진 박사의 동안습관』

『노화를 이기는 팔자건강법』

『통합의학 교과서』

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